Advanced Photoshop Techniques: The Composite Image

Prerequisite: Photoshop Foundations or Photographic Editing Workflow. 42 classroom hours.

PHT 315 A : Mon

In this course students progress beyond the use of individual Photoshop tools and learn how to combine them in an ordered workflow tailored to their digital imaging needs, be that non-destructive photo-retouching and enhancement, compositing or creating completely new digital images from scratch. Students become adept at compositing through understanding Smart Objects, what they are and how to use them in multiple files, along with layer masks, adjustments and keyboard commands to speed up workflow. All students work on personal projects to create a portfolio of work.

Class begins January 9, 2017
Tuition: $615 (discounted to $575 if registered and payed in full ON-LINE by Sunday Jan. 1, 2017.)