Basic Digital Photography

Prerequisite: None. 42 classroom hours.

PHT 120 A : Mon & Wed

This class introduces students to the fundamentals of photographic art using digital imaging techniques. Working with digital cameras, Apple computers and Epson ink-jet printers students will complete a number of assignments that emphasize camera controls, print quality, composition and subject matter. Class lectures and demonstrations will cover exposure, quality of light, the use of Adobe Lightroom CC for digital file management, image manipulation and digital printing. The class will also be exposed to the work of contemporary and historical photographers. Students should have their own camera; a few digital SLRs will be available for use during the semester. Grading is based on assignments, written exams and a final portfolio.

Class begins: Monday June 5, 2017 (meets twice a week)
Tuition: $615, discounted to $575 if you sign up before May 1, 2017.