Special Topics: Photography and Place

Prerequisite: Basic Digital Photography or Black and White Photography 1. 42 classroom hours

PFM 272 A : Wed

This course explores the importance of place in photography. Visiting locations around Pittsburgh, students will enhance their views on landscapes while also gaining a better understanding of

which places shape their personal identities. Students will work on location and in the classroom to create a portfolio over the course of the semester. Discussions, readings and lectures cover ways in which other photographers have worked with place. Classroom time will be devoted to shooting, editing, and producing prints, either digitally or in the darkroom, but there will be significant work outside of class.

Students are responsible for transportation to locations, but carpooling options will be encouraged. Grading will be based on the student's engagement with the concepts of the class, overall participation, and final portfolio. In addition to tuition, a $70 course fee is charged.