Tuition and Payment


The tuition for The Filmmaking Intensive is $17,000 and includes the following, at no additional cost:

  • Books and production related costs
  • Access to equipment (cameras, lighting, sound, editing suites, etc.)**
  • Public screening of students' advanced work
  • Optional apprenticeship program following graduation:
    • Additional career support and development through networking events, interview coaching, portfolio review, serving as job reference
    • Referrals for internships and paid production work (as available)
  • One year full access membership to Pittsburgh Filmmakers following graduation
  • Free enrollment in limited number of additional, ongoing classes for up to 2 years following graduation
  • **Students are required to provide their own portable hard drive, minimum 500GB and formatted Mac OS Extended.


Initial payment of tuition is due August 10. Payments may be made by check, credit card, cash or money order. Third party payments may be accepted under certain circumstances – please contact the Registrar for details. 

  • Installment of $8500.00 due August 10
  • Installment of $8400.00 due Jan 2*

*The initial $100 tuition deposit has been deducted from the final payment in the payment plan.

Pittsburgh Filmmakers’ School is an approved SAA provider for GI Bill benefits.

Private/Personal Loans*

At this time, federal loans are not available for The Filmmaking Intensive; however, students can fund the program through multi-purpose private loans.  These are often credit-based, may involve a co-signer or collateral (such as a home equity loan) and may be available through your credit union or local bank.

For information on organizations who offer financial support to aspiring filmmakers and photographers, visit the Foundation Center in the Carnegie Library’s main branch in Oakland (2nd floor), where you will find numerous resources, including workshops and additional materials related to grant applications and the grant writing process. You can also visit them at their site. The foundations/organizations listed are not affiliated with Pittsburgh Filmmakers (with the exception of Pittsburgh Center for the Arts) in any way.


$40 Application Fee: Refundable if student cancels before first class meeting

$100 Tuition Deposit: Refundable if student cancels before first class meeting

TUITION (based on full semester tuition rate of $8,500):

  • If dropping before the first class meeting 100% of tuition for the term is refundable
  • If dropping or withdrawing during the first seven (7) calendar days of the semester, 75% of the tuition for the term, semester or quarter is refundable
  • If dropping or withdrawing after the first seven (7) calendar days, but within the first 25% of the semester, 55% of the tuition for the term, semester or quarter is refundable
  • If dropping or withdrawing after 25% but within 50% of the semester, 30% of the tuition is refundable

If dropping or withdrawing after 50% of the semester, the student is not entitled to a refund.

A student who is entitled to a refund must submit a signed Drop form to the Registrar (see Drop policy). Refund calculation will be based on the last day of recorded attendance. All eligible refunds will be issued within thirty (30) calendar days of the Registrar’s receipt of a signed Drop form.