Certificate Programs

Pittsburgh Filmmakers' students may earn a Certificate in Filmmaking or Photography by completing a program of nine full-length required courses.


Filmmaking 1: Fundamentals
Filmmaking 2: Sight & Sound
Producing Motion Pictures
Filmmaking 3: Story to Screen
Filmmaking 4: Capstone
History and Theory of Visual Media
Any 3 elective courses (126 classroom hours)



Photography 1
Business of Photography and Multimedia
Photography 2
Photography 3
Developing a Photography Portfolio
History and Theory of Visual Media
Any 3 elective courses (126 classroom hours)


For a course to apply toward the Certificate, the student must receive a grade higher than D+ for the course. To receive a Certificate a student must finish the course work with an overall GPA of 2.75 or higher. Students in the Certificate in Photography must also exhibit a portfolio of photographic work in a group show at a PF/PCA gallery. Students in the Certificate in Filmmaking must screen their capstone film in a PF/PCA theater.

Certificate students will receive a one-year access membership which begins upon successful (grade higher than D+) completion of any course in the Certificate program; this benefit continues as long as the Certificate student is active and for one year after graduation. Students who need to interrupt their studies must request a leave of absence, which may be granted for up to one year. Certificate students who have not completed a course for one year (three full semesters) without requesting a Leave of Absence will be re-classified as “inactive” and must petition for readmission. If readmitted their status will revert to “active” and membership benefits will be reinstated.

Students must complete the Certificate in Photography or Certificate in Filmmaking within 5 years. An approved Leave of Absence will not count against the time toward completion.

If you have already taken courses at Pittsburgh Filmmakers, whether as an Independent student or through a partner university, some of your courses may transfer into the new certificates. Contact pfschool@pfpca.org for more info.

If you’re already in a Certificate program at Pittsburgh Filmmakers, you have the option to finish your current Certificate or, if applicable, transfer your coursework to one of the new Certificates. See your advisor.