Pittsburgh Filmmakers / Pittsburgh Center for the Arts will not offer a full course schedule for Fall 2018 while we undertake a major organizational restructuring. We hope to relaunch our classes in the Spring/Summer 2019.

PF/PCA has and will always be committed to artists and the advancement of artistic excellence in the Pittsburgh community. As the world of visual arts is evolving, we recognize the needs of our community have changed and we must change with it to continue to be relevant. Our goal is to continue to be a valuable resource for artists and a staple in the Pittsburgh arts community. 

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Short Courses  All PF/PCA Classes

There are three ways you can take classes with us:

Independent Students: Independent students are those not affiliated with a local college or university, registering directly with Pittsburgh Filmmakers. Independent tuition is $615 per course. Tuition is discounted by $40 if students register online before the Discount Deadline.

College Students: Classes may be taken for credit under the auspices of local colleges and universities or directly through Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

Certificate Programs: Pittsburgh Filmmakers' students may earn a Certificate in Filmmaking or Photography by completing a program of nine full-length required courses. In addition, students must present an exhibition-quality copy of Filmmaking or Photography work in a Pittsburgh Filmmakers public screening or gallery opening.