Romero of Tomorrow


Romero Of Tomorrow Short-Horror Film Contest

Sunday, October 7, 6-8pm
Melwood Screening Room

It's a film competition to celebrate the 50th anniversary of George A. Romero's classic Night of the Living Dead!  With the 2017 passing of this legendary independent filmmaker, Pittsburgh is celebrating his legacy with a month-long collection of screenings and fun events in October 2018.  ROMERO of TOMORROW SHORT HORROR FILM Contest is one of the kickoff events, with a screening of the best submissions at the Melwood Screening Room.
1. Local Connection:  
Pittsburgh is where Romero built his career as the master of the zombie and other horror films.  Your film must be:
shot in the Pittsburgh region, and/or 
the director/directing team must have lived in the region when the film was made.
2. Running Time: 15 minutes or less
3. Prizes: 
Teen Division $150  (age 13-17)
Adult Division $250  (age 18-over)
4. Criteria: 
We are looking for films made in the tradition of Romero:  independent, original, and terrifying!  We seek films made at any budget level, but we're especially interested in a couple things:
Creativity.  We like to be scared, creeped out, and spooked, but LOVE to experience it in new ways that contribute to the horror genre.
More than Gore.  Blood and body parts are good--we all need them!--but so are character, story, and setting.  All the ketchup in the world won't make a bad hot dog good.
5. Dates:
Eerie-ly Bird April 1 to May 31
Before the Dead Line June 1 to Aug 15
Beyond the Dead Line Aug 16 to Aug 31
SCREENING Sunday, October 7
Can I submit a film that has screened in Pittsburgh before?
Can I submit an old film?
We will accept any film made since the premiere of "Night of the Living Dead" in 1968.
Do I have to be present to win?
No, but we do want you to come celebrate "Romero Lives! Pittsburgh Celebrates George A. Romero" with us.
Will I get to read the judges' comments?
Yes, if you ask nicely, we will send judges' scores and comments for your film.
Must it be in English?
Yes, or English subtitles.