Animation Production

Prerequisite: Motion Picture Fundamentals (may be taken concurrently). 42 classroom hours.

FLM 204 A : Mon

Whether you’re a seasoned frame-by-frame animator, or just starting out, this class is designed to expose you to a wide variety of media and approaches, such as digital 2D, hand-drawn 2D, clay, cutouts, puppets, time-lapse, and pixilation. You’ll get an overview of animation history and technique, plus an understanding of the guiding principles of animation, including storyboarding, character development, acting, and story elements. Considerable outside work is necessary, and we encourage collaboration if that’s your thing. (Also, while drawing is one approach to animation, this is not a cartooning class, and drawing skills are not required in order to succeed.) All equipment is provided but students pay for their own art supplies and media expenses.