Ruthanne Bauerle: Recent Works

Ruthanne Bauerle, Creek Jewels
Ruthanne Bauerle, Creek Jewels
Friday, July 15, 2016 to Friday, September 2, 2016

Over thirty pieces of photography by Ruthanne Bauerle will be on exhibit at Pittsburgh Filmmakers’ Galleries on July 15th through September 2nd, 2016. The works include photographs of the woods of Potter County and a recent series on dolls.

The majority of the images were created from a challenge to shoot a series of nature photographs. As one of her favorite topics, it gave her an opportunity to explore her camp in Potter County, PA. "I love to capture the details as well as the overwhelming beauty that surrounds me in our little piece of Heaven.  Potter County is known as God's Country for good reason," says Bauerle.

In the Haunted by Dolls series, she uses dolls passed down in her family and found discarded at flea markets. Bauerle describes her unease with the subject matter, “...I grew up as a tomboy and never found fun or comfort from them. These humanlike figures are dressed in clothes, open and close their eyes and sometimes have real human hair.”

About the Artist:

Bauerle’s interest in photography began more than 30 years ago during a series of photography courses at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Since then, she has photographed subjects from Maine to California and in England. Her particular interests capture the extraordinary amid the ordinary. She is a member of Associated Artists of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Society of Artists Guild.

*The opening reception is on Friday, July 15, from 6-8 p.m. and free to the public.