Amanda Jolley: scapes

wave x lily by Amanda Jolley
Friday, September 22, 2017 to Friday, November 3, 2017

Join exhibiting artist Amanda Jolley in the Melwood Gallery for a closing reception and discussion of her work. Free and open to the public; light refreshments provided.

Event start time: 6:30PM
Q&A with Amada Jolley and Jaimie Gruszka: 6:45PM
Event end time: 8PM

scapes is an ongoing series of large digital images of built-up, broken down, and altered landscapes inspired by Jolley’s personal history with the American landscape. In this body of work, she pulls from her analog (35mm, medium format, large format) and digital photographic archives, combined with her textile and printmaking work, in search of new and compelling connections between physical objects in real space and the photographic images she captures, breaks apart, and reassembles in digital space..

This series of landscapes revolves around the concept of surface: the spatial and conceptual context of the photographic surface, the high and low culture ornamental surface, the process-oriented buildup of layers of print, textile sculpture, and digital image into surface, and the expansive natural surface gone haywire with texture and detail. These works remix fragments of the American landscape--fields of kudzu, pebbles on the beach, mountains and forests--to create large-scale images that are part photographic collage, part textile surface, and part sculptural assemblage of objects in digital space.

About the artist:
Raised in San Diego, CA, Amanda Jolley is an artist working in photography, printmaking, and soft sculpture based in Pittsburgh, PA. Her most recent work draws from her archive of digital, 35mm, medium format, and large format analog photographs of the landscape, crossing over with her textile sculpture and printmaking work to create digital and physical collages that seek new possibilities in the depiction of the American landscape.

About Jamie Gruzska:
Jamie teaches photography and is the administrator for Carnegie Mellon University's interdisciplinary photo program. He works in painting and printmaking, autographic forms that have deeply influenced his thinking about photography. His work harnesses archetypal image genres (i.e. portrait, landscape, abstraction) that are so deeply established that much room exists for our own understanding/ misunderstanding, mythmaking, disintegration, and ultimately, integration.